What will you create?

Babel is a narrow AI framework

What will you create?

Build AI in your browser, no code required.

Share your creations with friends, clients, colleagues, or the world.

Start or join collaborative projects.

AI made simple.


Guide users with interactive menus and conditional logic.


Store user input and perform complex analysis.

Natural Language

Create flexible, intuitive natural language processing.


Integrate third-party APIs, data, and code.


Host apps yourself or with us; embed them anywhere.


Style your apps with premade themes or custom CSS.


This demo uses conditional logic to gather information from potential accident injury clients and provide a sophisticated legal analysis.
The app can analyze thousands of unique scenarios and rate case viability on a scale of 1-100, based on 8 factors.


  • Crowd-sourced expert systems
  • Chatbots with working memory
  • Interactive games & surveys
  • Your own virtual assistant
  • Conversational search tools


Babel began as a simple natural language search solution. As development progressed, its capabilities far exceeded what was originally intended.

Babel Inc was formed to create a standalone product for public use. We're an early-stage startup, currently in private beta.


Today's cognitive AI and machine learning technologies, while exciting, are still far from true general intelligence. Furthermore, their steep technical barriers to entry make them inaccessible to individuals and small organizations.

Babel takes a simple approach to a complex problem, combining the predictability and specificity of narrow AI with the power of online collaboration and democratization.